the definition of ‘strong’


Having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.
Able to perform a specified action well and powerfully: “he was not a strong swimmer”.
powerful – sturdy – firm – robust – hard – solid – lusty

so i’ve been struggling as to how to get going with what i’m trying to accomplish here. i’m seeing this blog as something “too big” and just need to narrow my mind down and keep it simple. speak from life experiences and stories that have made me feel strong, weak, vulnerable, independent, dependent, sassy, and beautiful.

so let’s dive in.

strong women. who conveys strength in society? sadly, often, strong women are still looked down upon — they are judged harsher than supermodels — strength still seems to be a negative connotation sometimes. we call strong women bitches or say they have no need for men, or make other comments that often degrate and downgrade a woman.

Strong, to me, is beautiful. Strong is something that comes from within. Strong are people who are innovative and break the mold and push the limits. I gravitate toward strong women and want to be as badass as they are.

so let’s see…who do i consider strong women role models. For me, my Mom is definitely one of the strongest women i know — she has made the most of her life and has come out of hard situations as a stronger, more graceful woman. Elizabeth Gilbert is an amazingly strong woman who i admire, i feel like her words come from my soul and i hope that one day i can do things as amazing as her. Other people I consider a great pillar of strength — Hilary Clinton; Martina Navartolova; Condoleeza Rice; Maria Shriver; Kelly Cutrone; Betsy Johnson; my sister; my neighbor; I could go on and on.

Strength shows itself in so many different ways. I say my neighbor is strong because she is an absolutely amazing woman — mother of two, always smiling and positive, and battling cancer. She maintains a successful marriage, is raising 2 balanced, smart, talented young women and always has something positive to say.

Hilary Clinton embodies strength to me. She works in a man’s world and does her job better than most. She isn’t afraid of confrontation, isn’t afraid to speak her mind, isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. So, she isn’t a supermodel, but why should that take away from her inner beauty? She’s dealt with a rocky marriage, raised a successful daughter, and to me is working harder than most employed in the White House.

So what makes me strong? Good question 😉 I am always working on building my inner and outer strength. Maybe the fact that Somedays I feel so weak, but I get up and keep trying – makes me strong? I try to stay positive when the world is falling down — and even if I don’t maintain that image on the inside, I sure do on the outside. I’ve fallen on challenging times and am working on letting this make me a stronger woman. I’m strong because I speak my mind, because I believe no one is better than me, because I know I can accomplish anything i want to accomplish. Because I help build people up instead of breaking them down. Becuase I spend an hour a day working on my physical strength. Because I’m not afraid of life or change. Because I’m not afraid of being alone, and I enjoy it. Because being “strong” often comes from fooling everyone else and just believing you are. 😉

so what makes you strong? and how can we keep building our inner strength?


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