The gym is my drug of choice


Nothing out there leaves me with the high I have when walking out of those gym doors. Sure, it’s the endorphins…but it’s also become the people.

I literally love being around the people I train with. We all know I already adore my trainer…but now the people I’ve met have really made a difference on me.

I’ve made friends with some awesome people. People who are successful and wake up before dawn and go to bed late but spend the day doing so much and accomplishing things. People who inspire me and help me in my journey. People who are healthy and “get it” — get the obsession of being healthy and fit. People who are doing great things in their life and care about others. People that I’m super excited to be spending time around. People who lift my spirits and leave me feeling good about myself. People that accept and like me for who I am. People that celebrate my accomplishments and aren’t there to beat me up if I take a step back but rather are there to hold my hand and help me go forward again.

It’s pretty lucky I’ve found this niche and have opened myself up to be friends with these people. They make my day and make me smile and I’m beyond thankful that they’ve found there way into my life.


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