My mom came across my New Years resolutions from since I was about five years old til I was 15. As nostalgic as it was, there were a few consistent themes that ran through year after year.

I couldn’t believe that since I was able to write, I was on myself for my weight. “Snack less, exercise more” “jump rope at least 100 times a day” “snack healthy on fruits or veggies” “workout more,” etc. Year after year it literally weighed on me.

Was I a fat kid? No. Was I ever skinny or tiny, no. I was always the tallest one in my grade and never small, but not huge either. So where did this body image stuff come from? Was I born with image issues? Was it unintentionally passed on to me? Did someone make fun of my weight at a young age and it stuck for life? It’s crazy to realize that at 7 years old, I was hard on myself for my body image and 22 years later, it remains to be a daily struggle.

Another consistency in my resolutions was “to be happy” and “try my best always.” I laughed seeing that my none year old self was in search of happiness back then…little did I know this would by a life mystery to most. To this day, one of my goals is to find what makes me happy and to be happy.

I am thankful I was raised to set goals and expect better from myself. At a young age I was taught to try my best and do my best and it holds true to this day. That way of thinking has gotten me far and has helped me reach many goals.

So with the year winding down, what goals did you set last year – and did you reach them? What’s on the agenda to accomplish next year? And how will you support yourself to make those goals come true??

Dream big, work hard, love the battle!


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