Bring it on 2013!!!

I must say today is the last day of THE most challenging year of my life. Somehow, I made it!! There were many dark days, too many tears, love lost, fights, friends lost, friends made, emotional turmoil, physical turmoil, and then some…but it’s over, and I’m still standing stronger than ever.

Two weeks ago I made a vow to start fresh and leave the past exactly where it belongs, in the past. Since, I’ve had a much brighter disposition and love for life and am happy every day I awake an am able to find a reason to smile. Even with the current struggles I face, I realize that this will make me stronger and help mold me into a new version of myself.

I know the personal struggles I face and am working on breaking down the walls I’ve put up and the negative ways I treat myself. Just like any other challenge, it won’t be done overnight, but every day I am stronger and am getting better.

I’ve always been a goal setter no matter the time of year and I definitely have my goals set for the year to come. I know this will be an amazing yer because I refuse to let it be anything but that. I’m slowly letting go of worrying what everyone thinks of me and trying to focus in on “if it makes me happy, do it.”

I know I will find a job I love and it will all make sense. It will lead me to the life I know I’ve been meant to live.

I know I will transform physically and mentally into the version of me that I know I can love.

So here’s to the turning of a page; a new chapter; fresh start; new year! Wishing everyone a fabulous 2013, lets make it amazing!

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”

– Joseph Campbell



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