you see progress, i see much more work to be done!

ahhhh i had this great blog in mind to write, and then i heard news how satan is destroying something that once was part of me and mine…without saying anything to be obvious, once a classless liar, ALWAYS A CLASSLESS LIAR. and this in no way involves a man.  complete bitch drama right here.  karma is a bitch, and that’s all i have to say.

i can’t wait to get to the punching bags tomorrow…!!!!!!

anyway…back to the task at hand.

you see progress, i see much more work to be done!!!

my beautiful friend (who also happens to be my awesome lifting/workout partner in crime!) got married over the weekend!  it was lovely and fun.  anyway, i posted a picture and got a flood of responses on how “great” i look and asking how much weight i’ve lost, blah blah blah…

first things first, i don’t do well with complements.  never have.  want to know why??  to me, i always can do better or improve.  hearing someone complement me on how i look makes me a) think i must have looked REALLY bad before and b) only makes me want to look even better!!!!

with that being said, i’ve been working out hard core more or less for 3 months now.  i’ve eaten super well all month with my cheat meals sporadically.  and i’ve enjoyed my “rest days” by working out and taking one complete day off (let’s face it, i’m not working SO hard that a full 24 hours off is absolutely necesary in my opinion, so a quick 2 mile run is ok on a day off when i only have bootcamp to follow the next morning).  i know where i struggle and the things i hate doing, which means they are the things i NEED to do.  i am focusing this week on upping my cardio, which means i will be adding sprints and jump rope in between my lifting sets.  and if i can get myself to run 2-6 more miles this week on top of my workouts, i will be happy with myself!!!

i don’t see the progress everyone else is seeing.  i want to see it more!!  i know i have lost inches and fat, and i know i need to enjoy the small steps, but i’m trying to push to somewhere my body hasn’t been in a long time, which means i need to stay focused and not let myself slip at a little complement.


ok. sorry…more drama, that’s it for today!!

be good to one another!! ❤



3 thoughts on “you see progress, i see much more work to be done!

  1. I’ll be making a comment on the workout, not the drama :p

    Lifting is just as good for losing weight than cardio. By this I mean circuits with no/little rest between exercises then at most 90 seconds between circuits. The circuit can be full body, upper/lower or whatever you want. Pick around 6 exercises that can easily be done one after the other (so if you’re using weights/machines then pick machines that are close by so you don’t rest for too long). Either choose a time limit or rep limit (by this I mean say to your self I’ll do each exercise for 20 seconds/12 reps). For example:

    20 secs jump rope
    20 secs press ups
    20 secs goblet squats (with dumbbell)
    20 secs EZ bar bicep curl
    20 secs bicycle crunches
    20 secs tricep dips with your feet on a swiss ball

    Rest for 60/90 seconds then repeat 3/4 times.

    This is a great way to put your body into fat burning over drive whilst also working your whole body and it’s more fun that cardio. I’m not saying totally ignore cardio, just an option to mix it up 🙂

    good luck (with the workout and the drama!) 🙂

    • Awesome!! Thanks so much!! I keep asking my (male) trainers and they keep saying “up your cardio!” I lift 3x a week and am doing cardio or a combo of strength training/cardio 5x a week…so I’m hoping something like what you suggest or even adding sprints between lifting sets will burn some extra fat 😉

      Thanks so much!!!

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