‘Tis the season…

We are a week into November and I am one of ‘those’ people…one of those who gets very excited about the holidays! The dye still isn’t out of my hair from Halloween yet, but I am ready to deck the halls! Now, interestingly enough, I always do love the season that leads up to Christmas Day, however, this year more than ever.

Before you bah humbug me and tell me to take my cheer elsewhere until after thanksgiving, hear me out.

I’ve learned many lessons in the last year. But one that I continue to learn is that things change. Life isn’t what you planned it to be (which isn’t good or bad but just is). So this year when my family’s Thanksgiving has a change of venue, and a break from tradition…I roll with the punches. But to be sure my favorite holiday is celebrated the way I like to celebrate it, then I make time to do so. My family and I are taking next weekend to start the holidays off strong! A solid three days of a Christmas explosion! Baking, decorating, drinking, singing, laughing about the holidays!

When I explained this to people and they see how this truly is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season, some get it, some don’t. To those that don’t, I wish I could explain to them what it means to me and what’ll yours important to celebrate when I can with the people I love…something I’m so grateful for! That I no longer live states away from my family and can take a day off and drive home for some holiday cheer…because life changes and I don’t save anything for a rainy day, especially not moments.

The holidays have always been an important, fun time for my family. And I’m excited that I’m in such a better place than compared to where I was a year ago. This year I can enjoy it all without worries and doubts and I get to celebrate with so many people and spread my cheer! 🙂 (cheesy, maybe, but what can I say, I’m a holiday sucker!)

Peace, love & gingerbread lattes!!




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