Reflections of words through the eyes of a strong, independent, sassy woman trying to see, do, and create it all!

I’m a dreamer. I’m passionate about people and what makes them uniquely beautiful. I’m a thinker and over-analyzer. I’m athletic. I’m artistic. I go for what I want and get it. I’m a traveler and dream of the days when I get to explore new spaces and be in different cultures. I stand up for what I believe in. I have strong opinions. I feel strong emotions and wear my heart on my sleeves. I’m not afraid to go after what I want and stand up for who I am. And this is my journey…

Quotes, stories, reflections, pictures, and all sorts of things that inspire me to do better…shared with you on this journey through life.

Thoughts about love, life, relationships, careers, family, food, exercise, dreams, wants, and so much more.

Working on creating a positive outlet to spread powerful thinking to anyone and everyone.

Strong is the new BEAUTIFUL!


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