Wednesday hump day…grind!







Protein Pancakes!!

I always hear about “protein pancakes” and just assumed they were normal pancakes with a scoop of protein added in. So this morning when my mom mentioned she wanted me to make her my yummy pancakes, I wasn’t thrilled as I am avoiding carbs and quickly agreed, but asked if “protein pancakes” would be ok to try. Seeing as she’s been on a health and fit kick since last spring, she agreed.

I searched the web for recipes and decided, in true form, that I would just make up my own recipe from what I’d seen in recipes. To my surprise, I loved the finished product and will only be making protein pancakes from now on!!!

My recipe — (I don’t measure a lot when I cool, I just throw things in and hope for the best, so here’s what I did to the best measurements as possible)

– 2 scoops of vanilla whey protein
– 1 cup of oats
– 2 tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt
– 2 eggs (or just egg whites if you prefer)
– cinnamon
– almond milk (add til you get the right consistency)

I ate them plain, the vanilla protein makes them slightly sweet! They were a bit dry, but I’m not complaining! And of course you could most definitely throw some fruit (mmm blueberries!) in while they are cooking and I’m sure it would be awesome too!!

A clean recipe, high in protein, cut out the flour completely…my new favorite for Sunday morning!!

Enjoy! 🙂