confidence…thank you Giuliana Rancic!!

Not sure if any of you subscribe to Fab, Fit, Fun or check out the tweets, but it is Giuliana Rancic’s blog/email/concept.  I really like what she had to say, so I’m copying and pasting it here — this is ALL her, not me at all (I wish though!! she’s awesome)

so have a read and enjoy 🙂 it’s all about confidence.  and luckily, with all the hard work i’ve been putting in and the strong people i’ve been surrounding myself with, my confidence is coming into it’s own…slowly. i’m feeling good and feel like i look good, and then i throw on my Lululemon wunderunders and really feel awesome since i finally have an ASS (thank you squats!!) to show off!!


That’s right, whether you’re at work, at a coffee shop, or on the red carpet, there is definitely something to be said for having a little “swag” (just ask the Biebs!). It’s that thing that makes you desirable, attractive, and screams “I love me and you should too!” (Without actually having to do that — yikes!)

But it’s completely normal to lose your mojo for a bit — so here are a few of my favorite tips to help you become courageously tenacious again. After all, there are a few things every gal should take with her wherever she goes: lipstick, a Band-Aid, and confidence!

Channel your confidence mentor: Remember in Crazy, Stupid, Love how Steve Carell lost his confidence and looked to the younger, charming Ryan Gosling to get it back? Well, I’m not saying that you should try to imitate Ry — but I am saying that you should look to someone you admire, whether that be your older sister, your work mentor, or a celeb. Just ask yourself, “What would Angelina do?”

Look the part: Think about it — when actors go into an audition, many of them dress the part from the get-go to make themselves more believable. And you can dress the part of a confident, secure woman. When getting ready for a date or event, try wearing your favorite outfit rather than a new outfit, which hasn’t been tested for any malfunctions (no nip slips here!).

Walk the walk: Having a confident stride is a great way to fake it till you make it. Just like Oscar de la Renta said, you should “walk like you have three men walking behind you.” (I assume he didn’t mean three creepy ones outside of a bar at night.) Be sure to wear your fave (comfy) shoes so you can pull it off like a VS Angel!

Create your own confidence mantra: Rather than posting quotes from other people, create your own! Get a picture frame and put a nice piece of blank stationery inside, then write your own personal mantra on the glass with a dry-erase marker so you can change it whenever you feel like it. Display it next to your mirror as a reminder that you are uh-mazing!