Can you smell the ocean air and sunscreen from there???

I’ve recently moved and started a new chapter, or book, in my life. I’m sitting at the beach taking in the central coast sun now! Crazy, I now am getting paid to blog, amongst a handful of other things that would make anyone jealous! And I’m working in tennis, my life passion. It’s a bit crazy to say the least!! And I couldn’t be happier.

I love SLO! (San Luis Obispo for anyone not familiar with the central coastline cities). Seriously, everyone here is so nice and friendly and happy! And I feel so comfortable in my skin for the first time in a long time!! I’m excited for what this new book and new city and new job holds for me! I’m enjoying it daily and can be myself whether it is just wasting hours at the beach or feeling out about tennis at work.

Anyway, yes it is really strange how life works out.

Hope everyone is well, I will try to maintain this blog on my weekends and keep posting when I get a chance!!

Peace & love!!



ok. so i’m officially freaking out.

yesterday, i was excited. nervous. excited. and still excited.

today, i’m freaking out.

yesterday i accepted a position with an awesome tennis company to do what i do best…play tennis, review equipment, clothes, etc., write blogs, make videos, do all kinds of fun stuff.  i initially applied for the job in novemeber, and it’s been a long, drawn out, slow process, until yesterday.

now, i’ve accepted the job and agreed to re-loacte to the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo all within a week.  yes. a week (more or less)!

if you know me at all, you know this is how i live my life.  i don’t plan well and don’t enjoy planning, so most things that happen for me and with me, is very spur of the moment.  so this fits the bill, which makes me sure it’s the right thing for me to do.  i just would like to find a place to live that i love (fingers crossed i find something this weekend!!!)

my head is literally spinning and it’s frustrating as i want to be able to write more and enjoy this moment, but at the same time have the demands of this life-change weighing on me.

so, i apologize if i’m absent for the next few days or so!

until next time, be healthy & be kind!!